Dead men’s path question answers

Here I provide Dead men’s path question answers of class 12 book Panorama. Dead men’s path is written by Chinua Achebe.

Short question answers

Q 1. Why was obi given the Responsibility of the Ndume Central School?

Answer. Ndume central school was an unprogressive school. Michael Obi was an energetic youngster. There were very good ideas in his mind. That’s why he was given the responsibility of Ndume central school and he was made the headmaster.

Q 2. What are the two aims of Michael?

Answer. Michael Obi had two objectives. First, bring good education level in Ndume central school. The second was that, to convert the school’s compound into a beautiful place.

Q 3. What did the priest of Anil tell obi about the path?

Answer. Ani’s priest told Michael Obi that this path was very old. The whole life of the village depended on this road. The dead relatives of the village were taken along this route.

Q 4. Why was the path is important for villagers?

Answer. The route was important to the villagers because all dead relatives would go through this route and the ancestors came from this way. All children come from the same way to take birth

Q 5. What did the diviner suggest at the death of a young woman?

Answer. Astrologer said that the fence used to stop the path is an insult to our ancestors. They suggested a great sacrifice to calm the ancestors. That’s why the villagers also destroyed a school building along with the fence.

Q 6. Describe the report prepared by the white supervisor?

Answer. Report by the white inspector was prepared in a hurry. This report describes the state of the ruins of the school. This report describes the situation of the tribal conflict between the school and the village.

Long question answers

Q 7. Describe the condition of Ndume central school before and after Michael Obi.

Answer. Ndume central school was an unprogressive school. When Michael Obi became the headmaster of the school, the level of education in the school was not good. Michael was a man with creative ideas. He increased the level of studies in school. He taught children the modern perspective. Michael closed the road, which goes to the burial place through the school campus. He and his wife turned the school campus into a beautiful place. To beautify the school campus, Michael Obi has grown beautiful red yellow flowers. There was the flower of the marigold. School campus gets beautiful with the great effort of Michael Obi.

Q 8. Draw a character sketch of Michael Obi.

Answer. Michael Ndume was the new headmaster of the school. His body was weak but he was an energetic man. They had very great ideas in their minds. They wanted to see all their thoughts in the form of work. Michael was candid and did not believe in superstitions. He did not surrender to the villagers and did not open the path through the school campus. Michael was a brave man along with hard work. He condemns the old less educated people. That is why he did not agree with the priest. Michael Obi works with excitement.

Q 9. Why were the school building and the hedges ruined?

Answer. When Michael Obi became the headmaster of the school, He increased the level of studies in school. They thought of building the school campus beautiful. Michael asked the teacher about the road going through the school. Michael put a fence to stop this path. The villagers said a lot that our dead relatives were taken to the burial place from this road. And the ancestors also come to meet villagers from this road. A young woman has died in giving birth to the child in the village.  The people of the village contacted astrologer. The astrologer said that closing the path was an insult to our ancestors. But Michael Obi did not remove the fence. All the villagers got annoyed and destroyed the fence and also a part of the school.

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