Drought question and answers

Here we provide Drought question and answers or Rajasthan board class 12 book panorama. Drought is written by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.

Drought short answers

Q 1. Many a time Gafur was forgiven by the landlord. Why?

Ans. Gafur was a poor man. He apologized to the landlord. So he was forgiven by the landlord. It happened many times that Gafur apologized to the landlord and forgave him every time.

Q 2. Describe the two times one Gafur lost self-control?

Ans. For the first time when his daughter told that there was no food and water in the house. The second time when the landlord spoke in abusive language.

Q 3. What is penance? Why did Gafur think of doing it?

Ans. For your mistake, regret is penance. Gafur brutally killed his bull Mahesh and took his life. Therefore, Gafur thought to penance.

Q 4. What kind of life did poor Amina lead right from her childhood?

Ans. Amina has lived a life of difficult, poverty, conflict and lack of love since her childhood. She was a motherless girl. Yet she was an affectionate, dutiful, calm girl.

Q 5. Why was there so much scarcity of water in the village?

Ans. There was no rain in the village for many years. The pond was dried with the sun’s heat. Therefore, there was a shortage of water in the village.

Q 6. Why did Gafur lose his temper and kill Mahesh?

Ans. Water from the pitcher was flowing out. Gafur saw his bull Mahesh drinking water. So he got angry and killed Mahesh on the head and took his life.

Q 7. Write a character-sketch of Tarak Ratna?

Ans. Tarak Ratna was a family priest of the landlord. He was flatterer and selfish. He did not lend the fodder even for Mahesh.

Drought long answers

Q 8. Giving examples from the story, comment on the relationship between Shibu and Gafur.

Ans. There was a relationship between Shibu and Gafoor, the owner and the slave. Shibu was cruel to Gafur. Even Shibu did not give Gafur a part of his fodder. Shibu kept the fodder as a rental for the last year. He did not care of Mahesh hut roof. One day, Mahesh damaged the landowner’s farm. And injured his youngest daughter. The landlord called Gafur and his messenger abused him. Gafur was dragged to the landlord. Gafur’s eyes and face were swollen. The landlord has never helped Gafur.

Q 10. Describe the attitude of Shibu Babu towards the villagers.

Ans. Shibu Babu is the landlord and Swami of the small village Kashipur. The author says that the landlord is of a small heart. Tarakaratan is the priest of the village and is obliged to perform religious ceremonies in his house. Shibu is the owner of Gafoor. When Gafur does not obey the landlord then he is beaten by the landlord. Shibu does not allow anyone to take water from their private well. The Landlord also took the fodder of Gafur as a rental for last year. Thus, Shibu’s behavior was not good for the villagers. He exploited them.

Q 11. Draw a character sketch of Gafur.

Ans. Gafur was the poor cultivator of Shibu Babu. He loved his daughter Amina very much. He gets angry very quickly. He becomes angry with her sweet daughter. And he tells him a non-faithful girl. He loved his bull Mahesh too much. Gafur brings a loan of some rupees to rescue the bull from the police. She decides to sell Mahesh but refuses in the last moment. He killed Mahesh. He was a sincere and self-respected honest man. He was honest with his master. In the end, he was disappointed and left the village to get the wages in a factory.

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