Going places question answers class 12

Here I provide Going places question answers of Rajasthan Board class 12 book Panorama. Going places author is A. R. Barton.

Going places question answers (short)

Q. 1. What is Sophie’s dream about her future? Is her dream realistic?

Answer. Sophie’s dream was to open a boutique. Sophie thought of becoming a manager to get enough money to open a boutique. Sophie’s dream is not real.

Q. 2. Who was little Derek? What did he say about Sophie?

Answer. Little Derek is Sophie’s brother. He says about his sister Sophie, Sophie thinks that the money grows on the trees. She has a desire to open a boutique whenever she is rich.

Q. 3. Why did Jansie discourage Sophie from entertaining such dreams?

Answer. Jansie discouraged Sophie from celebrating her dream because she knew the financial condition of Sophie well. With so little earning of Sophie, she could not fulfill her dreams.

Q. 4. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence?

Answer. Geoff was the brother of Sophie. Sophie was jealous of Geoff because he did not tell anything about himself. So Sophie was jealous of Geoff’s silence.

Q. 5. How did Sophie include her brother Groff in her fantasy of the future?

Answer. Geoff was a work-learning mechanic. He travels far away from the city every day. Sophie hopes that Geoff will take him one day also. She imagines that she sits behind Geoff and rides, and imagines that the world is standing and clapping.

Q. 6. Why did Sophie call Jansie nosey?

Answer. Sophie calls Jansie nosey because she wanted to know about the meeting between Sophie and Danny Casey. Jansie was eager to know everything about it.

Q. 7. Why was Sophie glad seeing the bicycle of her father standing against the pub wall?

Answer. Sophie was returning after the long wait of Danny Casey near the canal. She was happy to see Papa’s bicycle near the wall of the pub because Papa would not be there when Sophie came home.

Q. 8. Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey I person?

Answer. When Sophie went to see United’s match with his father and little Derek on Saturday, then Sophie had seen Danny Casey.

Going places question answers (long)

Q. 9. Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. What were the differences between them that showed up in the story?

Answer. Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. But there are many differences between Sophie and Jansie. Sophie is lost in her strange dreams and fantasies. But Jansie was realistic. Sophie imagines that after leaving school she will open a fashionable clothing store in the city. She is confident that she will save money by becoming a manager and actress to open the fashionable clothing store. On the other hand, Jansie knows that she belongs to the lower class. That’s why she wanted to work in a biscuit factory. She thinks in the dream that she has met Daney Casey. She goes to a beautiful place to meet Daney Casey. Jansie has no dreams. Jansie also stops Sophie from seeing such dreams, so that after the disappointment can be avoided.

Q. 10. Sophie’s real world is different from her fantasies. Explain.

Answer. Yes, Sophie’s real world is different from her fictional world. Sophie was not as wealthy as she had imagined. It is natural to see dreams in teenage. Sophie imagines opening a boutique shop. She dreams of opening a boutique that is one of the most amazing shops in the city. But she does not have any money in reality. With so little money she is unable to keep the simple boutique in the shop. To open a boutique, he dreams of becoming a manager. In the real world, nobody can make Sophie manager without a degree. Later, she plans to be a fashion designer, but it was not that easy too. So the real world of Sophie is completely different from his imagination.

Q. 11. What did Sophie tell her brother Geoff about Danny Casey?

Answer. Sophie told her brother Geoff about Danny Casey that she met him. He never thought it to be true. Sophie told that she was looking at the clothes in the Royce window when Danny Casey arrives and stands next to him.

Geoff asked her what Danny looks like. Sophie told that Danny’s eyes were green and polite and he was beautiful too. Danny was tall. Later Sophie told that none of her girls are friends. Sophie asked for an autograph for Derek but both of them did not have paper and pen. He talked with Danny for a while And when he was about to go, he promised to meet her next week.

Q. 12. Comment on the aptness of the title ‘Going Places’.

Answer. ‘Going Places’ is the appropriate title. In this story, the author describes many places. The author first describes the ‘coming home from school’. There is a long debate between Sophie and Jansie when they returning home from school. Then the scene of the house comes where Sophie’s father was eating meat. The author describes family interaction between family members. The description of the place Royce window is where both Sophie and Danny Casey meet. Then the author tells about the World Cup match. The author further describes the canal where the lover waits for his lover alone. Sophie was waiting for a long time for Danny Casey standing near the canal.

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