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How yoga heals question answers – How yoga heals is written by Timothy Burgin. Here we answer all the question of class 12 Rajasthan board book rainbow.

How yoga heals question answers (Short)

Q 1. For what diseases can yoga be a therapy?

Answer.  Yoga can be therapy for the diseases infertility, lungs disease, Parkinson disease, high blood pressure, joint pain, and cancer.

Q 2. Which diseases caused by stress?

Answer.  Heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, indigestion, asthma, low blood pressure these diseases caused by stress.

Q 3. What is the reaction of our body in the “fight or flight” system?

Answer.  In short term fight or flight system in our body is positive. In the long term is Negative.

Q 4. Write the main hazards of stress.

Answer.  The diseases caused by stress are Immediate increase in heart rate, blood pressure, heart-blood circulatory ability, sweating, low blood pressure.

Q 5. Why is cortisol good for our body?

Answer.  Cortisol is good for a human because this hormone at normal level helps to maintain an active body and including regulation of metabolism and blood pressure.

Q 6. Describe the impact of the high level of cortisol in our body.

Answer.  High-level cortisol can increase heart rate, B.P. (blood pressure), cholesterol and triglyceride level which are risks factor for heart attack.

Q 7. How can the parasympathetic nervous system be activated?

Answer.  The parasympathetic nervous system can be activated when we take a deep breath and relaxing skeletal muscle.

Q 8. What is the result of “rest or renew” in our body?

Answer.  In the state of rest, the body tries to heal itself. We renew our self in state renew. That’s why we feel healthy and fresh.

Q 9. What is important for the promotion of long term health?

Answer.  The good condition of the immune system is important to increase long-term health. The parasympathetic nervous system ensures long-term health.

Q 10. Describe the main components of yoga practice?

Answer.  Main components of yoga practice are Asanas, Pranayam, and Dhyan.

Q 11. What does the practice of yoga encourage?

Answer.  The practice of yoga encourages the existing holistic approach, which focuses on peace, happiness, good health, and all-round fitness.

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Q 12. Explain the relationship between stress and diseases.

Answer.  Medical research estimates that as much as 90% of diseases are related to stress. Diseases by lots of stress are; cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes.

Long-term stress creates broken brakes inside the body and reduces the ability to provide health benefits inside the body.

Q 13. What do you understand by the sympathetic nervous system? How does it function?

Answer. We know about the sympathetic nervous system that there is a natural control balance for “fight or flight” reaction in the body. This is called relaxation reaction.

Through the parasympathetic nervous system, the human body becomes calm and feels restless. It reduces the breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure in a human body. The body relaxes itself in rest, we feel fresh and healthy.

Q 14. Mention the benefits of yoga as discussed in the lesson.

Answer.  Yoga is beneficial for the health of the human body. The deep breathing and relaxation mechanism of yoga relaxes our body and mind. Yoga brings the cortisol level down. It lowers down the “fight and flight” response.

By increasing blood circulation, the body becomes healthy. yoga strengthens the immune system. It increases muscle strength and flexibility, which reduces the pain of joint. Yoga improves and increases lung capacity.

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