Love across the salt desert question and answers

Here I provide Rajasthan board class 12 book panorama chapter Love across the salt desert question and answers. Love across the salt desert is written by – Keki N. Daruwalla.

Textbook Short question answers

Q 1. Why did the Rann look like ‘a paralysed monster’?

Ans. Rann looks like a paralysed monster because it has not been raining for three years and it has a drought. In rann areas, they go without rain.

Q 2. What important incident occurred when Fatimah came into the village?

Ans. When Fatimah came to the village, the whole sky began to resound and the storm started. Finally, there was heavy rain. And the dry rann of three years has become wet.

Q 3. Why did Fatimah not like Mahfuz Ali?

Ans. Fatimah did not like Mahfuz Ali because they stammer while speaking. The villagers of the village started mimicking them after seeing Mahfuz Ali.

Q 4. Why did Aftab open the door three times during the night? Was anybody knocking the door?

Ans. Aftab opened the door three times during the night because he thought that his son had come. No one knocks on the door. It was the only air that was knocking on the door.

Q 5. Why was it not easy to cross the boundary? How were people checked while crossing the border?

Ans. Crossing the border was not easy because standing on bamboo towers, the Rangers were monitoring by the telescope. The people crossing the border were inspected that they did not have any illegal thing.

Q 6. Why was Fatimah happy despite she was leaving her country as well as home?

Ans. When Fatimah was leaving her country and home she was happy. There were two reasons. First, she did not want to marry Mahfuz Ali. Second, she was running away from home with her boyfriend.

Textbook Long question answers

Q 7. Discuss the aptness of the title “Love across the salt desert”.

Ans. The title “Love across the salt desert” is appropriate. There are two main characters in this story: First Najab and the other Fatima. Both live in different countries. The Rann of Kutch is spread between their villages. Fatimah was a beautiful girl. Fatimah was under pressure to marry “Mahfouz Ali”. But Fatimah did not like Mahfouz Ali. Her parents wanted to marry her with Mahfouz Ali. Fatimah was attracted to a quiet, happy boy. Later they both liked one another. Najab made illegal trips across the border with his father. Once he stayed at the house of Fatimah’s father, Kaley Shah. In the evening, Najab hugs Fatimah. Najab promised to come back. One day he crossed the desert and returned there. Took Fatimah along with her to his village.

Q 8. Write about the rituals performed at panchmai pir?

Ans. When Najab reached the hilltop of kaala doongar where panchmai pir situated. He paid tribute to the footsteps of Panchmai Pir on the top of the hill. He kept some food there and began to beat the plate. There was such a tradition. In a while, the jackals gathered there and ate all the food. It was a fortune. If the jackal did not come, then he would have considered it as an ominous and canceled the journey. Every night the lamp was lit in front of Panchmai Pir. Najab bowed in front of the lamp and walked on the journey.

Q 9. The image of Rann has been used twice in this story: in the beginning and also in the end. How was it associated with love, joy, and harmony among the characters?

Ans. At the beginning of “Love across the salt desert”. There was dry for three years. The clouds used to go without rain. It seemed that the land had forgotten the monsoon. That is why Rann looks like a paralysed monster. There was a crack in the ground. The cattle became thin and weak. All the bulls were dead.

Najib brought Fatimah to Rann. Fatima had never thought that she would ever leave Pakistan and would come to India. She did not have time to think about Pakistan and India. Both of these pictures show that all the characters of the chapter are related to each other with love, happiness, and harmony.

Q 10. Through light on the difference of attitude between Najab’s mother and father when they came to know about his escaped?

Ans. When the father of Najab asked Aftab about Najab, he replied that he was angry all night, he would be near around. When jaman told him that Aftab was fooling him and his son went to Pakistan with camel, then the father of Najab believed. Then he started looking for the tendu leaves that he took them or not. He found the tendu leaves in the same place. He thought of telling this to his wife, but he feared that she would not become unconscious. When this story was told to the mother of Najab, she was not surprised at all. That’s because they were also involved in this conspiracy.

Q 11. What difficulties did Najab face while crossing the border?

Ans. While crossing the border, Najab had to face the southern strong wind. He had to save himself from Sindh’s Rangers and from Bsf. The Rangers keep an eye on every movement from their telescope. Any type of movement could be caught from the telescope. He faced rann’s burning soils. He followed the stars towards the north. He was hungry and thirsty. When the sun rose, he drank water from his chagal for the first time. In the afternoon, he ate dry, stale roti. He was scared to die of fatigue due to more work of camel.

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