Most important questions class 12 poem

Hi, guys here I collect some Most important questions class 12 poem of the rainbow book. Here I added Most important questions of all poem chapters

Important questions of. A boy song, Seven stages of men, The hope, The noble nature, or The snare are included.

Poem Most important questions

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Q 1. How does a lily of a day impress us?

Ans – A lily of a day impresses us by its beauty. Within a short life span, it gives joy to beholders.

Q 2. How can be human life can be perfect?

Ans – If life is meaningful worthwhile, or beautiful then human life can be perfect.

Q 3. Why do all the birds belong to the poet?

Ans – Poet does not set a snare for birds so all the birds belong to the poet.

Q 4. Why are the birds able to come and go for the poet’s joy?

Ans – The birds able to come and go for the poet’s joy because they are uncaged.

Q 5. What symbols does Ben Jonson draw from nature?

Ans – An oak tree or a lily of a day Ben Jonson draw from nature.

Q 6. Quality of an oak tree?

Ans – an oak is bulky in size. It has a long life span of three hundred years. It does not give fruits or flowers.

Q 7. Mention different names given to hope.

Ans – expectation, future relevance, or measure of benefaction are different names given to hope.

Q 8. Main functions of hope for human beings.

Ans – hope kills negativity inside a human. It makes us feel pleasure some. It fills us with quietness. It enlightens the dark way of life.

Q 9. Derivative and function of hope?

Ans – the derivative is the life or function is kills negativity inside a human.

Q 10. Who is afraid and why?

Ans – Rabbit is afraid because he is trapped in a snare. Poet is also afraid because he is unable to locate the rabbit.

Q 11. What does hope mean to the poet?

Ans – Creation of the soul is the meaning of hope to the poet.

Q 12. From which day one is hopeful.

Ans – One is hopeful right from one is born.

Q 13. What messages does the poet convey in the poem ‘the noble nature’?

Ans – Human life should be meaningful worthwhile and full of achievements. Long life span is not important heroic and virtual deeds are important.

Q 14. What do birds, buds and trees do in their hopes?

Ans – In the hope bird flies for searching food for young ones or for material to build a nest. A bud stays on its branch in the hope of becoming a flower. Trees shed leaves to get new leaves.

Q 15. Discuss the theme of the poem ‘the noble nature’.

Ans – The theme of the poem is the contrast between meaningless long life span and short life span full of heroic & virtual deeds. An oak tree of a hundred years and lily of a day represents it. Oak is Bulky in size and long life span does not earn achievements another side a lily of a day meaningless or earn achievements.

Q 16. How does the poet juxtapose two objects of nature with human life?

Ans – The poet compares two objects of nature with human life by size, life span, or achievements. Grow in size like an oak tree does not make a man great. Meaningless life span like an oak tree have no value. On the other hand, A lily of a day has a short life span but it is valuable. In short life of achievement is better than a meaningless long life span.

Q 17. Explain the major benefits of hope as described In the poem ‘the hope’.

Ans – Benefits of hope are following. It makes feels us pleasure some by kill negativity inside a human being. It enlightens gloomy thoroughfare. It makes life go on. It makes us feel the freshness and warmth of the good days ahead. It is the prime excellence.

Q 18.  The theme of the poem ‘the snare’?

Ans  – Protection & freedom of wild animals is the theme of the poem. In this poem poet hearing cries of rabbit in the snare. So he wants to help the rabbit. But he is unable to locate rabbit in The snare. The rabbit paw is trapped in the snare. Rabbit lost freedom. The poet creates sympathy in readers against wild animals.

Q 19. Who sighs like a furnace?

Ans – A lover sighs like a furnace. He sings a woeful song for his mistress.

Q 20. Describe the salient feature of all the seven stages of a man’s life.

Ans – As an infant, he mewls and pukes. In the second stage as a schoolboy, he creeps like a snail. In the third stage as a lover, he sighs like a furnace. In the fourth stage as a soldier, he seeks a bubble reputation. In the fifth stage as a justice, he is full of wise saws and modern instances.

Q 21. Explain how all the world is a stage in the context of the poem.

Ans – In this poem, Shakespeare has compared life to a play on a stage in a theatre. Every human play seven acts in their life. In each, they play a different role on the stage. At first in childhood he is innocent. In the second stage, he is a school going boy. Third, he is a lover. Fourth, he is a soldier. Fifth, as a professional he is a judge. Sixth, he is old and looking ugly. In the last seventh stage, he loses his all memory and sense.


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