Purity is power long question answers

Purity is power long question answers

Purity is power written by Prof. Dr. K. Subrahmanyam. We answer all the question of class 12 Rajasthan board book Panorama.

Purity is Power question answers

Q. 1. What are the merits of purity?

Ans. The author does not mean physical cleanliness from purity. Its meaning is extensive; The purity of the word is pure truth. The purity of the heart without selfishness is love. Similarly, the purity of thought provides mental peace. The purification of mind is the peace of mind. The purity of the environment gives peace to the mind. Impurity brings harm to our body and soul.

Q. 2. “As is the mind, so is the vision”. Explain it with reference to the Mahabharata episode cited by the writer.

Ans. Drona is the teacher of Kauravas or Pandava. Drona asked Yudhishtira to bring a bad person from Hastinapur and asked Duryodhana to bring a good person. Both go to Hastinapur. Yudhishthira searches for the bad person but he does not find any bad person. Duryodhana searches for a good person but he does not get any good person. Both came empty-handed. Duryodhana’s mind does not find any good person as being impure. Yudhisthira’s mind is not considered to be a bad person because he is pure.

Q. 3. Why are Sanskars important in our life?

Ans. Sanskars are really very important in our life. it is because of Sanskars make us a good human being. The writer here discusses the pardon, humility, and the purity of the heart. They make us capable of purifying our soul. They even convert the most cruel nature. the author also discusses the faithful performance of duty and welfare of others as the sources of greatest virtues and purity.

Q. 4. Justify the title of the lesson, ‘Purity is Power.’

Ans. Title of the lesson “Power is Purity” is correct. In the lesson, the author told us the Power of purity. Many stories tell us the power of purity. Most of the characters in the story have purity in the words, heart, soul, and thought. The thief in the story becomes a good person. Gautam Rishi learns real purity from normal people.

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