Purity is power short questions

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Purity is power – Purity is power is written by Prof. Dr. k. Subrahmanyam. Here we answer all of the questions of class 12 book Rainbow.

Purity is power short question answers

1. In which areas we need purity?

Ans. We need purity everywhere in our life. We need purity in Food, water, air, heart, love, society, speech, mind e.t.c.

2. Write the importance of purity of the environment.

The accuracy of the environment promotes physical and mental health and mental peace. Environmental purity is needed for good health.

3. What different tasks were assigned to Yudhishthira and Duryodhana?

Ans. Drona asked Yudhishthira to bring a bad man from Hastinapura. Duryodhana asked to bring a good man from Hastinapura. These tasks assigned to Yudhishthira and Duryodhana.

4. “The food is insufficient for you. You may have this also.” What does this statement suggest about Pavaharibaba’s attitude?

Ans. “Children, this meal is insufficient for you. You should also take this. This statement from Baba shows that he is pure with heart. His love changed the thief’s heart.

5. How did the thief react when Pavaharibaba offered him more food?

Ans. When Baba asked the thief to take more food, then the thief’s heart changed. He falls down in the feet of that saint. The thief was surprised by the words of the saint.

6. Mention the manner of Gautam’s Tapasya.

Ans. Gautam did Tapasya for getting power. For several years, he followed strict rules. He kept control over his body, stood on one leg. Fasted too.

7. “I was serving my husband and feeding my children”. What does this statement suggest about the lady’s attitude towards duty?

Ans. “I was serving my husband and feeding my children.” This statement indicates that she perform their duty very well.

9. How was Gautam’s ego purified?

Ans. When Gautam meets with a more dutiful and divine housewife or a common man, then the ego is pure. They were excellent in purity.

10. Who is pure according to the author?

Ans. According to the author, the Holy is that whose mind and heart are pure; Whose thoughts, speech and behavior are pure.

11. What is the importance of pure atmosphere?

Ans. The pure environment is very important. Pure environments make a person well-behaved. It promotes inborn purity.

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