Rainbow important questions 2020

Rainbow important questions 2020 – Here I collected the most important questions for you. All Rainbow important questions 2020 are collected from the book.


Q 1. What were the terms of the contract between British landlords and peasants?

Ans- The terms of the contract between British landlords and peasants is that Indian peasants were to plant indigo on 15% of their land and surrender the entire indigo to British landlord as rent.

Q 2. Why did Gandhiji not agree to proceed to champaran with Raj Kumar Shukla?

Ans- Gandhi ji had an appointment in Kanpur so Gandhi ji not agree to proceed to Champaran with Raj Kumar Shukla.

Q 3. What happened when gandhiji and Raj Kumar Shukla wanted to meet Raj Kumar Shukla?

Ans- Gandhi ji did not allow to draw water from well. It is because Dr. Rajendra Prasad servants took Gandhi ji as a poor peasants and think Gandhi ji is untouchable.

Q 4. What was the effect of synthetic indigo on the natural indigo crop?

Ans- The international demand for natural indigo reduced very much and now it was not a profit making business for British landlords.

Q 5. Why did Gandhi ji scold the lawyer?

Ans- The lawyers of champaran are charging high fees from poor peasants and not helping them so Gandhi ji scold lawyer.

Journey to the end of the earth

Q 6. What is phytoplankton?

Ans – Microscopic grasses of the sea that nourish and sustain the entire southern ocean food chain is called phytoplankton.

Q 7. Why is phytoplankton necessary for the survival of bio-diversity in Antarctica?

Ans – Phytoplankton necessary for the survival of bio-diversity in Antarctica because it nourishes and sustains the entire southern food chain. It is responsible for the lives of water animal, bird of the region and global carbon cycle.

Q 8. What was the author first reaction on reaching Antarctica and why?

Ans – on reaching Antarctica the author first reaction was this it is like walking into a ping pong ball. Because there are no trees, humans, or buildings, etc.

Important questions part 1

Important questions poem

Deep Water

Q 9. Why does water create a feeling of hatred and terror in William Douglas?

ANS – When William Douglas is 3 or 4 years old then his father took him to the beach. When his father stands on the beach then a surf buried them. Terror of water seated in his heart.

Q 10. Why did Douglas decide to join the YMCA pool?

ANS – YMCA pool was only 2 or 3 feet deep so Douglas thought it was safe. He had got a pair of wings.

Q 11. How did terror seize the narrator when he was going down and down and tallow glow of water surrounded him?

ANS – The cry was left to his neck. The horror of death made him mad in the water. His head bursts and lungs started hurting. He was getting dizziness. Legs and arms did not move.

Q 12. How did the author become a perfect swimmer?

ANS – Author hires a coach who is able to teach him swimming perfectly. Coach is using a rope and a pulley to teaching swimming. He taught him how to exhale with face into the water. Thus the author learned to swim.

Q 13. Why was William Douglas determined to conquer his fear of water?

ANS –William Douglas determined to conquer his fear of water because his life had become handicapped. He wanted to feel free and enjoy his life.

On the face of it

Q 14. What physical ability did Derry suffer from? How did he come by it?

Ans. Derry looks ugly. He looks ugly because acid had fallen on his face and his face was burnt.

Q 15. What disability did Mr. lamb suffer from? How did he overcome his feeling of loneliness and alienation?

Ans. Mr. Lamb is suffering from disability of the legs. It was because his one leg is destroyed in the war. He overcomes his feelings by his company of nature and human beings.

Q 16. How was Mr. lamb friendly with kids despite them teasing him about his broken leg?

Ans. Mr. lamb loved kids. He welcomed them in his garden. He did not feel troubled when some kids calling him Lamey-lamb.

Q 17. Why does derry come back to Mr. lamb’s house?

Ans. Derry comes back because Mr. lamb has changed his attitude to life. He inspired him. He loved and praised him.

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