Seven stages of man

In this post i answers all the question of poem Seven stages of man. Poem Seven stages of man is written by William Shakespeare.

Seven stages of man short Questions

Question 1. Who is compared with leopard?

Answer – A soldier is compared with leopard.

Question 2. What is the role of nurse?

Answer – To look after the mewling & puking infant is the role of nurse.

Question 3. Who sighs like a furnace?

Answer – A lover sighs like a furnace. He sings a woeful song for his mistress.

Question 4. At what stage does a man wear spectacles at his nose?

Answer – A man wear spectacles at his nose in sixth stage.

Question 5. What is the importance of repetition of the word ‘sans’?

Answer – The importance of repetition of the word ‘sans’ is this that it shows the temporary of human organ, body and life.

Question 6. Do you find any melancholy reference in the poem?

Answer – Yes, I find some melancholy reference in this poem. The old age is so. The man is lean. He has spectacles on nose. He is sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

Seven stages of man long Questions

Question 7. Describe the salient feature of all the seven stages of a man’s life.

Answer – As a infant he mewls and pukes. In second stage as an school boy he creeps like a snail. In third stage as a lover he sighs like a furnace. In fourth stage as a soldier he seeks bubble reputation. In fifth stage as a justice he is full of wise saws and modern instance

Question 8. How does the poem represent a mature view of life?

Answer – The poem represent a mature view of life by universal content. The world is a big stage and humans are players of the world. They come to stage and play their roles and leaves the stage forever. These seven stages occur in every human life.

Question 9. Explain how all the world is a stage in the context of the poem.

Answer –In this poem Shakespeare has compared life to a play on a stage in theatre. Every human play seven acts in their life. In each they play a different role on the stage. At first in childhood he is innocent. In second stage he is a school going boy. Third, he is a lover. Fourth, he is soldier. Fifth, as a professional he  is a judge. Sixth, he is old and looking ugly. In last seventh stage he loses his all memory and sense.

Question 10. Discuss Shakespeare as a minute observer of human nature.

Answer – Shakespeare as a minute observer of human nature it is true. An infant mewls and pukes. So many children do not want to go to school. A lover sighs like a furnace and sings the song behind his lover. In youth a man more idealistic to be realistic. Every mature person behaves wisely. Old man faces infirmities. In the end, a man loses memory and experience childhood.

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