Svayamvara question answers class 12

Here we provide Svayamvara question answers class 12 Rajasthan board book Panorama. Svayamvara author is Suniti Namjoshi.

Short question answer

Q 1. What is the meaning of the word ‘svayamvara’?

Ans. Svayamvara is a ritual in which the bride chooses her husband for her marriage. A test is taken to choose the right husband. The girl marries who passes in the examination.

Q 2. Why were the princess’s parents sad?

Ans. Her parents had refused to whistle. But she did not listen to them. That’s why her parents were sad. So they were worried about who would marry a whistling woman.

Q 3. On what basis was the princess finally able to choose her husband?

Ans. The princess asked suitors whether they were all ready to accept that they had been beaten very well. Everyone refused to accept Except one. Princess chose him as her husband.

Q 4. Why did the parents tell the princess not to whistle?

Ans. The princess’s parents refused to play the whistle. But the princess did not stop playing whistle. They thought how any man would marry a whistling girl. They thought that the princess would remain unmarried lifetime.

Q 5. Why was the king displeased when the princess beat the suitors at the whistling?

Ans. The king announced to marry her whistling daughter with a person who would defeat the princess at whistling. But the princess had defeated all the suitors. Now the princess can’t be married to any suitor. So king was displeased.

Q 6. Whom did the princess choose as her husband and why?

Ans. The princess chose her husband, who had accepted his defeat. Only he accepted that he was defeated very well. She chose him because he thought of the girl on equal terms.

Long question answers

Q 7. Most of the suitors did not accept the fact that they were fairly beaten. Why? Explain how does it reflect the society?

Ans. Princess beat all the suitors in the whistling competition. But no one accepted this fact except one. This was because the man always considered himself superior to a woman. The suitors thought that accepting his defeat was to disgrace him. This fact appears in Indian society. Even today man has his domination over women. The woman has to work only what her husband wants. Now in some way there is an awareness among women that their level is equal to the level of the man.

Q 8. Discuss the deeper meaning and significance of the story.

Ans. Normally men dominate the woman. In this story, the princess defeats all the suitor’s in the whistle competition. Nobody accepted any defeat in the pride of being a man. Except a person. The story has a deep meaning and significance that both men and women are people of the same level. Society can make progress only. The message writer wants to give to his readers. Neither man should dominate the woman nor the woman on the man. Both man and women should be given equal importance in society. Both are necessary for society. We can’t imagine a society without any of these.

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