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Here I provide the gift of the magi question answers. The gift of the magi author is O. Henry.

The gift of the magi short answers

Q. 1. How were Jim and Della planning to celebrate Christmas?

Answer. Jim and Della were planning to give gifts to each other. They both wanted to give each other beautiful, some extraordinary and best gifts.

Q. 2. What are the two possessions of James Dillingham Youngs in which Jim and Della took mighty pride? By whom was Jim possession transferred to him?

Answer. Jim and Della had valuable things on which they could be proud. Jim had a gold clock. Della had her beautiful long hair. This gold clock was transferred to Jim by his father.

Q. 3. Why did Della go to Madame Sofronie?

Answer. Della went to Madam Sofronie to sell her beautiful long hair. Della wanted to buy a good gift from that money for Jim. Della Wanted to give this gift to Jim on Christmas Eve.

Q. 4. Jim said, “What a beautiful nice gift I have got for you.” What was the gift? How did Della react?

Answer. At Christmas, Jim had brought a set of combs for Della. The combs were beautiful, the comb was made from the tortoise bark and the gem was on the edge of the comb. Della smiled to see the set of combs.

Q. 5. “It was not anger, nor surprise, nor disapproval, nor horror.” What explanation did Jim give for his reaction on Della’s hair?

Answer. Jim reacted by looking at Della’s hair. Jim’s eye was stable on Della. He was continuously watching Della’s face.

The gift of the magi long answers

Q. 6. Describe the anxiety of Della after she had sacrificed her hair.

Answer. Della wanted to give Jim a nice different gift on Christmas Eve. He only had 1 dollar and 87 cents which was insufficient. Due to having less money, Della could not afford a gift for Jim.

She had no other way left. So she goes to Madame Sofronie to sell her hair. Della liked her beautiful long hair but she had to sell her hair for twenty dollars. Della was afraid that Jim would no longer like him as he liked earlier.

She will understand her like a girl playing the group song on Coney Island. She was worried that Jim would not love him like before without his beautiful long hair.

Q. 7. Why does the writer refer to the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon? What do you understand by it? Explain.

Answer. Della and Jim both had valuable things. Jim had a gold clock that his father gave to him. Della had beautiful and long hair. Both were very proud of their precious things. The author compares Jim and Della’s precious things with the things of Sheba’s queen and King Solomon. A queen can easily buy any material thing, but she can’t keep such long hair. Della’s hair is more valuable than all the Queen’s things. In this way, Jim’s gold clock was more valuable than the Solomon treasure. The author makes reference to all these to compare only.

Q. 8. Throw light on the remarkable qualities that Jim and Della had.

Answer. Jim and Della loved each other wonderfully. They did not like anything more than each other. They were ready to sacrifice their precious things to please each other.

Jim and Della sacrificed their most beloved and precious items for Christmas gifts. They both were proud of these things. Both buy more expensive gifts than their financial ability to gift each other on Christmas.

Jim bought a set of combs for Della. Who loved Della so much. Jim sacrificed his gold watch to give a gift to Della. Della sells her hair and buys a platinum chain for Jim’s gold watch.

Q. 9. In the title “The gift of the magi” what does the phrase “the magi” stand for?

Answer. Magi was an intelligent man who brought gifts for infant Jesus, which was the most precious. The selection of their gifts was amazing. They started the practice of giving gifts on Christmas.

They chose gifts from intelligence. In this way, Jim and Della were wise enough to choose a gift for each other for Christmas Day. They sacrificed the precious things themselves to give gifts to each other on Christmas.

Magi is considered to be the most intelligent to choose a gift. Therefore the phrase “Magi” has come to people who can choose a gift from their intelligence.

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