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Class 12 (Rajasthan board) book Rainbow lesson 14 – The hope. The hope is written by. In this post, I share The hope question answer.

The hope question answers (short)

Question 1. What does hope kill?

Answer – Hope kills negativity inside a human being.

Question 2. Name the derivative and the function of hope.

Answer – The derivative is life and the function is hope.

Question 3. How do life’s thoroughfares appear?

Answer – The thoroughfare of life appears to be gloomy ( dark) or without light.

Question 4. What does hope mean to the poet?

Answer – Hope mean to the poet is the creation of the soul.

Question 5. From which day one is helpful?

Answer – one is hopeful from the day one is born.

Question 6. What are the different names given to the hope?

Answer –Different names given to the hope are following-

  • Expectation
  • Future relevance
  • The measure of benefaction.

Question 7. What are the main function of hope for human beings?

Answer – the Main function of hope for humans are following –

  • Hope kills negativity inside human beings. It makes feel pleasure some.
  • It enlightens the gloomy thoroughfare of life.

Question 8. How has hope helped us in the past?

Answer – In the past hope helped for our survival. Hope kill negativity.

Question 9. Why does the bird fly?

Answer – The birds fly in search of food and bring the material to build the nest.

Question 10. What is the effect of hope in gloomy ways?

Answer – Hope enlightens gloomy thoroughfare.

The hope long questions

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Question 11. Write a critical appreciation of the poem.

Answer – The poem title is appropriate and suggestive. A common vocabulary is used in this poem. It is lucid and it enhances the thoughtfulness. The poem presents examples of birds and trees. It has only one has written in blank verse. Picture of buds and green leaves are here.

Question 12. Explain the major benefits of hope as described in the poem.

Answer. The benefits of hope are the following. Hope makes feels us pleasure some by kill negativity inside a human being. It enlightens gloomy thoroughfare. Hope makes life go on. It makes us feel the freshness and warmth of the good days ahead. It is the prime excellence.

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