The last lesson question answer class 12

Here I provide Rajasthan Board Class 12 book Panorama chapter The last lesson question answer. The last lesson author is Alphonse Daudet.

The last lesson question answers (short)

Q. 1. Why was the narrator scared of going to school that morning?

Answer. The author was late that morning. He was frightened by scolding. He did not prepare the Participles which M. Hamel had asked to question students.

Q. 2. What did Franz see as he passed the town hall?

Answer. When Franz was passing through Town Hall, he saw a huge crowd there. Franz noticed that the crowd was looking carefully at the Bulletin board. Franz feared bad news on the bulletin board.

Q. 3. Who were the village people? How did they look?

Answer. There were former mayors, postmaster and many others in the village. The old Hauser had three croner hats. He came with his old preliminary book. Everyone looked sad.

Q. 4. Why did Mr. Hamel say that it was the last lesson?

Answer. Mr. Hamel said that this was his last lesson. Because Hamel was a teacher of the French Language. The order came from Berlin that only the German language should be taught in Alsace and Lorraine schools.

Q. 5. How did Franz’s attitude towards his books and Mr. Hamel change?

Answer. When Franz heard that it was the last lesson of the French language. He was in shock. His books suddenly became his old friend. Franz’s attitude toward books and teachers changed completely.

Q. 6. Why had Franz not been able to learn much at school?

Answer. Franz was unable to learn much in school because he used to waste his time in finding eggs from birds and sliding on the Saar. He did not like his book at all.

Q. 7. What did Mr. Hamel say about the French language?

Answer. Mr. Hamel says that the French language is the world’s most beautiful language. This is the clearest and Justified language. We should protect it and do not forget it.

Q. 8. How did Mr. Hamel bid farewell to his school?

Answer. When the church is twelve in the clock then Mr. Hamel stood up. He tries to say something but he becomes emotionally disturbed. He wrote “Vive La French” on the blackboard. And by the hand gesture, he dismissed the school.

The last lesson question answer (long)

Q. 9. It was the day of surprises for Franz. What surprises did he notice at school that day?

Answer. For Franz, this school day was a surprise day. There was peace in school. All the students were sitting on their seats and Mr. Hamel was walking in the classroom. However, there was a lot of noise in the school time. Franz planned that he would quietly enter the class without appearing to anyone. He will enter the classroom to take advantage of the noise during school time. He was amazed because the school had silence.

Franz opened the door and entered. He felt that today he will be scolded by Mr. Hamel. But Hamel was very serious and humble, he asked Franz to sit on the seat.

The people of the village were sitting on vacant seats today. All these things made Franz wonder.

Q. 10. ‘Franz hated at first but he suddenly began to like it.’ Comment.

Answer. Franz was a poor boy. The parents of Franz wanted Franz to work on a farm or a factory and earn some money to help the home family. He himself wanted to stay out of the house. She liked to find the eggs of birds. The book of Franz seemed to be a headache and it seemed so heavy that it was difficult to carry the book.

When he came to know that Mr. Hamel was going on forever, he realized how carefree he was to his studies. Now the school had to be taught only the German language. He did not learn the French language. Suddenly Franz began to like his book, teacher and Mr. Hamel.

Q. 11. What ideas of Mr. Hamel’s character do you from after reading “The last lesson”?

Answer. Mr. Hamel was a teacher at Alsace School. His harsh behavior towards students made them appear scary. He was unhappy when the Prussians had occupied a part of France. Mr. Hamel told the people of Alsace that they all kept holding their language firmly Because this language can liberate from foreign rule. He loved his language (French) and also admire. Mr. Hamel says that the French language is the most beautiful and equitable language of the world. He was a truly honest man. Sometimes they closed the school when they had to go fishing.

Q. 12. Draw a character sketch of Mr. Hamel.

Answer. Mr. Hamel was a French teacher. He was always dedicated to school and students. M. Hamel makes fun of children who came late. They did not like the kids coming late. The students were afraid of them because they were strict teachers. His voice was grave and humble. They always kept an iron rod with them. He provided services at Alsace School for forty years. He was a true patriot. They liked fishing so much. Mister Hamel loved his language (French) and also admire. Mr. Hamel says that the French language is the most beautiful and equitable language of the world. He was very emotional. The people of the village loved Mr. Hamel.

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