The noble nature

Class 12th RBSE ( Rajasthan board ) book Rainbow The noble nature questions answers. The noble nature poem is written by Ben Jonson . 

The noble nature short questions

Question 1. What symbols does ben jonson draw from nature?

Answer – Ben Jonson draw an oak tree or a lily of a day from nature.

Question 2. Mention the qualities of an oak tree?

Answer – Qualities of an oak tree – oak is bulky in size. It does not give any flowers or fruit. It has a long life three hundred years.

Question 3. How does a lily of a day impress us?

Answer – A lily of a day is beautiful, it has a short life but gives joy to the beholders.

Question 4. How can human life can be perfect, according to the poet.

Answer – Human life can be perfect if it is made meaningful, worthwhile, or beautiful.

The noble nature long questions

Question 5. How does the poet juxtapose two objects of nature with human life?

Answer – The poet compare two objects of nature with human life by size, life span, or achievements. Grow in size like an oak tree does not make a man great. Meaning less life span like an oak tree have no value. On the other hand A lily of a day has short life span but it is valuable. In short life of achievement is better than meaningless long life span.

Question 6. Discuss the theme of the poem Noble nature.

Answer – Theme of the poem is the contrast between a meaningless long life span and short life span full of heroic & virtual deeds. An oak tree of hundred years and lily of a day represent it. Oak is Bulky in size and long life span does not earn achievements another side a lily of a day meaningless or earn achievements.

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