The portrait of a lady

Here I provide the portrait of a lady short & long textbook question answers of class 12 Rajasthan board. The portrait of a lady is written by Khushwant Singh.

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The portrait of a lady short question answers

Q 1. “That was a turning point in our friendship.” What was the turning point?

Ans. The author’s parents were settled in the city properly. He also asked the writer and grandmother to come there. It was the turning point in their friendship.

Q 2. How did the grandmother help in the morning before going to school?

Ans. Grandma used to wake up her grandchildren in the morning. She got him ready for school. She bathed and dressed him. Thus the Grandmother helped him in the morning.

Q 3. What were the grandmother’s views about learning music?

Ans. The grandmother thought that music was not meant for gentlefolk. It is related to erotic peoples. So it is the subject of dancers and beggars.

Q 4. Describe the grandmother’s association with the sparrows.

Ans. The grandmother fed sparrows in the courtyard of the townhouse in the afternoon. Later, when she died, the sparrow bird came into his room and expressed their sympathy for her death.

Q 5. What did the grandmother do on the eve of the author’s return from abroad?

Ans. When the author returns from abroad, Grandma comes to the railway station. Grandmother hugged the writer directly without saying anything. The author can listen to the prayers by him.

The portrait of a lady long question answers

Q 6. Write the character- sketch of the author’s grandmother.

Ans. The author’s grandmother was an old woman. There was a wrinkle on his face. People said that some time ago she was very young and beautiful. She is not tall but she is fat and her waist is leaning. For twenty years, her face and body are seen unchanged. Her lips move constantly inaudible prayer. He keeps taking the name of Rama. She is a kind lady. She loves the author (Khushwant Singh) very much.

She feeds village dogs and sparrows. She wears a white saree. On his yellow face, the white hair like his silver is scattered. Grandma helps the writer prepare for school. She likes education but not music. She only likes religious studies.

Q 7. Everybody including the sparrows mourned the grandmother’s death. Discuss.

Ans. Grandma had already realized that her end is near. She had said that a few hours are left for her to live. Her statement came true and she died. All the members of the house mourned on her death. Sparrows were very dear to her grandmother. Grandmother had spent most of her life with the sparrow. Sparrow birds had knowledge of mourning over the grandmother’s death. They knew that grandmother would no longer be able to feed them. The whole sparrow comes into the grandmother’s room and sat speechlessly. In this way, sparrow also sat with all the members of the house and mourned the grandmother’s death.

Q 8. Trace the various phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother.

Ans. In the initial stage, when the author’s parents went to live in the city. They left the author to the grandmother. Now the author and grandmother were close friends. They live together. Grandma helped the writer prepare for school. She went to school with the author and came back together.

In the second phase, it was the turning point for their friendship. Grandma had stopped leaving the author to the school. She fed sparrows in the courtyard. Grandma did not care for the author anymore.

In the third phase, when the writer went to university, the grandmother did not care. When the author goes abroad, she came to the railway station to see off but the grandmother was not emotional. When he came back from abroad, her grandmother started hugging her.

Q 9. What was the common link of friendship between the author and his grandmother? How did the grandmother behave when their friendship was snapped?

Ans. The author and grandmother were good friends. The author stays with the grandmother when her parents went to live in the city. Grandmother did all the necessary work of the author. They both lived in the same room. When the parents called them in the city, their friendliness changed. Later, Grandma talked hard to the author.

When their friendship broke up, his grandmother began to behave differently. Grandma treats such as the writer was a simple member of the house, not a friend. It seemed that she had forgotten everything that happened in the past. Now, the grandmother did not care for the writer as before.

Q 10. “She was like the winter landscape in the mountains, and expense of pure white serenity-breathing peace and contentment.” How far do you agree with the author’s description of his grandmother as stated above?

Ans. I fully agree with the author’s description of his grandmother as stated above. She was really peaceful like the mountain landscape in the winter season. As white color is a symbol of peace, she always lived peacefully in a stingless saree. She was never angry. Grandmother never showed anger and Dissatisfaction. She never opposed anything. Grandmother accepted every situation and changed herself according to the situation. She did not like school teaching too. The grandmother began to feed the sparrow. They reduced talking to the author.

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