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here I provide The rattrap question answers of Rajasthan Board class 12 book Panorama. The rattrap author is Selma Lagerlof. Read the rattrap question answers below.

The rattrap question answers (short)

Q. 1. From did the peddler get idea of the world being a rattrap?

Answer. One day the peddler was thinking about his the rat traps. Suddenly he thought that the whole world was nothing but a rattrap.

Q. 2. How did the crofter behave with the peddler after opening the door?

Answer. The farmer is happy to meet with the peddler. The farmer was an old man with no wives and children, so he was alone. The farmer feeds him at night.

Q. 3. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap?

Answer. Peddler stole 30 kronor of the farmer. He does not get caught by anyone, so he goes into the jungle. He does not find a way to get out of the woods, so he thinks he has got lost in the rattrap.

Q. 4. Why did the ironmaster speak kindly to the peddler and invite him for home and why did the peddler decline the invitation?

Answer.  Ironmaster considers peddler an old friend of the army. So he asked the peddler to come to the house. The peddler rejected the invitation because he stole 30 farmers of the farmer. He did not want to go there with those 30 kronor.

Q. 5. What made the peddler accept Edla Willmansson’s invitation?

Answer. When Edla invited Peddler to come home, Peddler accepted the invitation because of the good behavior, sympathetic attitude of Edla. He could not refuse Edla.

Q. 6. Why did Edla still entertain the peddler even after she knew the truth about him?

Answer. Edla did this because she wants to feed a poor, hungry person on Christmas Eve. She wanted to spend one day peacefully with the peddler. She keeps sympathy towards the peddler.

Q. 7. Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler?

Answer. Edla was happy to see the gift that the peddler had left because the peddler had elevated himself to the level of Captain Von Sthale. Peddler expresses affection and respect for Edla in his letter.

Q. 8. What was the reaction of the peddler after stealing thirty kroner of the old man?

Answer. The peddler feels bad after stealing the farmer’s 30 kronor. He did not want to steal the farmer’s money but he became greedy. He was trapped by stealing money.

Q. 9. Do you think that the peddler is a great philosopher? Explain.

Answer. Only a great philosopher can think the whole world as a rattrap. Yes, so I think peddler is a great philosopher.

The rattrap question answers (long)

Q. 10. Why did the peddler say about the world being a rat trap? How did he once get into a trap?

Answer. The Rattrap seller was roaming around here and selling rattrap. He himself made the rattrap. One day he thought that the whole world was a big Rattrap. People are greedy for good things and get trapped to get them. The peddler meant that there are many things in the world that make the common man greedy. Intelligent people should stay away from things that create such greed. If a person is trapped in greed, he has to spend his life unhappy.

One day the peddler stayed at the farmer’s house. The farmer fed food to the peddler and gave tobacco for smoking. The farmer also tells him about his wealth. With the greed of money, he steals the farmer’s money. To save himself, he goes into the forest and gets trapped in the forest.

Q. 11. Why did the ironmaster insist on taking peddler home? Why did he change his attitude later?

Answer. When the mill owner came into the factory, he saw the peddler warming himself near the furnace. In light of the furnace, he identified the peddler as his old military friend. The owner of the factory invited him to his house. The peddler did not like this idea because he had a stolen wealth of the farmer. But the owner of the mill factory wanted to help the peddler. He sent his daughter Edla to persuade the peddler.

Edla succeeds in persuading the peddler with his kind behavior. Both come home. The next morning when the owner of the factory saw the peddler wearing good clothes, he realized that he made a mistake. The peddler was not his old friend, so he became angry. He thought the peddler would be handed over to the police and then ordered him to leave the house.

Q. 12. Attempt a character sketch of the peddler in the story ‘The Rattrap’?

Answer. The rattrap seller was a tall person whose cheeks were pitchy. In his eyes, hunger is clearly visible. He sells rattrap by going to the place. He does not have a house. So he would spend the night anywhere. He considers the whole world as a rattrap. Once the peddler steals the farmer’s money. To escape he goes into the jungle and cannot find a way out of there. He goes into a factory after leaving the jungle. He sat down near the furnace. He rejects the invitation of the factory owner. He praises Edla because she keeps affection for the poor. In the end, he calls himself a rat who has come out of the cage without any harm.

Q. 13. Who was Edla? How did she change the Peddler’s behavior?

Answer. Edla was the biggest daughter of the owner of the factory. The peddler was a poor man who never welcomed. He sometimes steals. He was disgusted with the people around him. He behaved badly with all the people.

But Edla completely changed Peddler’s behavior with the effect of his good behavior. When she came to know that he is not an old friend of her father, she is kind and humble towards him. She did not hate the peddler but instead tried to give him happiness and peace for a day. The peddler found that the world is not so bad and some people can be trusted. Edla’s friendly behavior changed the behavior of the peddler completely.

Q. 14. How did the Rattrap peddler lead his life and why did the peddler sign herself as Captain Von Stahle in the end?

Answer. He is a poor man who goes from one place to another and sells rattrap made by himself. He earns his livelihood by selling them. In peddler’s eyes, hungry is clearly visible. He demands goods from shops and fields and makes rattrap from them. Yet he is hungry. He begs and steals to live on earth. He considers the whole world as a rat trap.

The peddler signs herself as Captain Von Stahle in the end because he wanted to prove himself as a captain by behaving like a captain. He returns all the stolen money and leaves a gift for Edla.

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