The snare poem questions and answers

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The snare short questions

Question 1. Lines and words are repeated time and again, what is the purpose of the poet?

Answer – In this poem Lines and words are repeated time and again because poet want to arouse feelings for all wild animals.

Question 2. What purpose does the interjection ‘but’ serve in the poem?

Answer – The interjection ‘but’ in the poem serves the purpose of drawing readers attention to poet helplessness because he does not fin rabbit.

Question 3. Find the rhyme scheme of the first stanza.

Answer – The rhyme scheme of the stanza is ABAB.

Question 4. Explain the phrase ‘frightened air’.

Answer –The cries of the trapped rabbit are creating an atmosphere of fright.

Question 5. Why is the poet searching for the rabbit?

Answer –Poet searching for the rabbit because he want to help by saving rabbit from the snare.

Question 6. Who is afraid and why?

Answer – A rabbit and the poet is afraid. Rabbit is afraid because he is trapped in the snare but poet is also afraid because he is unable to locate the rabbit.

Question 7. What provides unity to the poem?

Answer – The last line of the stanza provides unity to the poem.

The snare long questions

Question 8. What is the theme of the poem?

Answer – Protection & freedom of wild animals is the theme of poem. In this poem poet hearing a cries of rabbit in the snare. So he wants to help the rabbit. But he is unable to locate rabbit in The snare. The rabbit paw is trapped in The snare. Rabbit lost freedom. The poet creates sympathy in readers against wild animals.

Question 9. What attitude does the poet have towards the rabbit’s plight?

Answer – Poet have a great sympathy towards the rabbit plight. He becomes uneasy when he hears cries of the rabbit. He want to help but unable to locate because rabbit in the snare. He searches rabbit everywhere. Freedom & protection of animals is important for poet.

Question 10. How is the attitude of the poet towards the rabbit reflection?

Answer – The attitude of the poet towards the rabbit is reflected by poem. When he hears a cry of rabbit in the snare then he becomes uneasy. He searching everywhere. But he is unable to locate. He calls the rabbit “little ones” with sympathy.

Question 11. Describe the universal appeal of the poem.

Answer – The poet is an animal lover like anyone other in the world. The poem raise the issue of the plight of animals. Readers will also raise the same issue. The poem highlights the need for protection & freedom of the wild animals.

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