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The tiger king question answers – We answer all the questions of Rajasthan board book panorama chapter 1. The tiger king is written by Kalki.

The tiger king question answers (short)

1. Who was the Tiger king? Why did he get that name?

Ans. The Maharaja of the Pratibandapuram was the tiger king. At the time of his birth, a royal astrologer had predicted that his death would be by a tiger. When he grew up, he hunted 99 tigers. They got this name to kill a lot of Tiger.

2. What miracle happened when the tiger king was just an infant?

Ans. When Tiger king was ten days child, Then these words came out from his mouth. They will die, who have born on earth. This statement was shocking to all the people.

3. How was prince Jung-Jung Bahadur brought up?

Ans. The prince Jung-Jung Bahadur became big and stronger day by day. They drink the milk of the English cow. Prince studied English. They watch only English movies. In this way, the Prince grew up.

4. β€œYou may kill even a cow in self-defense.” What did this old saying mean to the tiger king?

Ans. The cow is a holy animal and should not be killed except for self-defense. For this old proverb, Raja meant that if a killing cow is not cursed for self-defense then there is no harm in killing the tiger.

5. How did the tiger king feel when he killed his first tiger? Why did he send for the royal astrologer?

Ans. When the king hit the first tiger, he was very happy. They call the royal astrologers and show them the body of the dead tiger. They wanted to tell the chief astrologers that their prediction was proved wrong.

6. Why was tiger hunting in Pratibandapuram banned?

Ans. Maharaja of Pratibandapuram wanted to hunt all tigers. Because he was told by the royal astrologers that his death would be by the tiger only. They wanted to prove them wrong.

7. What steps did the king take to complete the mission?

Ans. Tiger King decided to kill 100 tigers. They banned the hunting of tigers in their state. They announced that only they would kill Tiger.

8. Why did the tiger king decide to marry a girl of the royal family of a state with a large tiger population?

Ans. Tiger King killed seventy tigers and now 30 tigers were left to kill. But now Tiger was not left in his kingdom.

Therefore, he wanted to marry the daughter of a king who has a large number of tigers in the state so that he can kill the remaining tigers.

The tiger king question answers (Long)

9. How did the prediction of the royal astrologer about the king of Pratibandapuram come true?

Ans. The royal astrologers had announced that the cause of the death of the king would be only a tiger.

When Raja grew up. Then he killed their first tiger. Astrologers said that even if you kill 99 tigers, they should be careful with the hundredth tiger. King decided to kill the hundredth tiger. When he shot the hundredth tiger, the tiger fell down but he not die.

The king did not know this thing and he considered himself safe. He bought a wooden toy tiger on his son’s birthday. A leopard pierced his hand and he died. The words of such a royal astrologer came true.

10. How did the tiger king come in danger of losing his throne and how did he save his kingdom?

Ans. Once higher level British officers came back to Pratibandapuram. The officer liked hunting the tiger just like the king. The officer sent a message through the Minister. Only the Maharaja could do the job of hunting. Officials wanted to draw a picture of him with guns in front of the dead tiger.

The king had the risk of leaving his kingdom. He discussed this issue with Minister. Raja ordered some expensive diamond ring from the famous jeweler in Calcutta. Johri sent 50 diamond rings. The Maharaja sent the whole diamond ring to the British officer’s wife. She kept the entire diamond rings. She thanked them for these gifts.

Thus Raja lost 3 lakhs rupees and saved his kingdom.

11. How was the hundredth tiger found and killed?

Ans. The king of Pratibandapuram ordered the Minister to find a tiger at any cost. A tiger from the People’s park of Madras was hidden in the Minister’s house. At midnight when the town was sleeping peacefully, then Minister and his wife dragged the tiger to the car and put the tiger in the car. Minister ran the car and took the tiger to the forest near the king, where the king was hunting.

The next morning, the tiger was roaming in the presence of the king. The Maharaja carefully fired on the tiger. The tiger fell to the ground. The king was very happy. After the king’s departure, the hunters found the tiger alive. Hunters killed tigers from a distance of one foot.

12. What was the rumor rife in Pratibandapuram?

Ans. The rumor rife in the Pratibandapuram is that the prince was born in the hour of bull. Bull and Tiger Both are enemies. That is why the prince’s death will be the cause of the tiger. This is the reason that the death of the Prince will be the cause of the tiger.

When the prince was ten days. Then he heard this, he shouted loudly. The scary word came out from his mouth that tigers should be alert.

The king had decided to kill the tigers. The King does not want to take any risk of leaving the tigers alive. The king trusted astrologer. His decision was based on some truth. Soon this rumor had spread throughout Pratibandapuram.

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