Trouble in Bohemia question answers

Here I provide Trouble in Bohemia question and answers of Rajasthan board class 12 book Panorama. Trouble in Bohemia is written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Trouble In Bohemia short question answers

Q. 1. Why did the king want his letters and photograph back?

Ans. The king was about to marry the princess of a nearby country. Irene Adler was supposed to give the king’s letters and photos to that princess. So, the king wanted to get it back.

Q. 2. What were Sherlock Holmes disguises to solve the case?

Ans. Firstly, Sherlock Holmes becomes a cab driver and spends the whole day around the house of Irene Adler. Later he becomes a priest and pretends to be faint.

Q. 3. Where did Miss Irene Adler hide the letters and the photograph?

Ans. Miss Irene Adler hid the letters written by King and his photo at the secret place of one of the walls of his house.

Q. 4. Why did the king write letters to Irene Adler?

Ans. When Raja was on a visit to Warsaw, he had fallen in love with Irene Adler. That is why he wrote letters to Irene Adler.

Q. 5. Why did the letters could not be proved false?

Ans. Letters could not be proved false because Irene Adler also had a picture in which King and Irene Adler were together.

Q. 6. Why was Sherlock Holmes interested in getting the letters and photographs at the earliest?

Ans. Sherlock Holmes wanted to get letters and photos as quickly as he feared that the lawyer husband of Irene Adler could take advantage of it.

Trouble in Bohemia Long question answers

Q. 7. What trick did Sherlock Holmes used to find the place where letters and photographs were hidden?

Ans. Sherlock Holmes becomes the first priest. When Sherlock Holmes was coming out of Adler’s house, then Irene Adler returned after a daily ride. When she got out of her taxi, Holmes pretended to be unconscious. Many people gathered near Holmes. Adler asked people to bring Holmes into the home. Holmes pointed to his friend, then Mr. Watson threw the burning pieces of paper in the house. A servant cried “fire”! Adler runs towards the secret wall to save the photos. According to Holmes’ plans, it was happening. Thus Holmes knew this secret place and planned to come next day.

Q. 8. Discuss the character of Miss Irene Adler.

Ans. Irene Adler was a beautiful actress. The king of Bohemia had fallen in love with Adler and wanted to get married. But Irene Adler refused because she was not from the royal family. Yet she had no complaints with the king. Adler was clever and intelligent like Holmes. The King also admitted that Adler was not greedy of money. She is a simple woman who was happy with her lawyer husband. Adler did not want to take revenge from anyone. She was an honorable woman. Irene Adler loved the king with true love but refused to marry. Adler also loved her husband, Godfrey Norton, and said that she has married a good person even than the king.

Q. 9. The story proves Sherlock Holmes to be less intelligent then Miss Irene Adler. Do you agree?

Ans. Yes, I accept that Irene Adler was more intelligent than Sherlock Holmes. Adler knew Holmes every move well. She also knew that the King would definitely take the help of Sherlock Holmes. That’s why Miss Irene Adler keeps an eye on Sherlock Holmes. She already knows everything. Irene Adler identified Sherlock Holmes as a cab driver and followed him to be sure. She also knew the trick in which Holmes wanted to find the secret place where the photo was lying. Adler did not remove the photo from there because she no longer needed them. Before the king and Holmes met Adler, she had left his house.

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