Water question answers

Hi, Here I provide Water question answers of Rajasthan Board book Rainbow. The water lesson writer is C.V. Raman.

Water question answers (short)

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Q 1. How was Egypt made by the river Nile?

Answer – Egypt was made because River Nile brought the soil of the valley as the finest silt from Abyssinia and central Africa and deposited in the through.

2. What made the wonderful difference between the Libyan desert and the valley of the Nile?

Answer – Water of the river Nile made the wonderful difference between Libyan desert & the valley of the Nile.

3. How does water add to the beauty of the countryside?

Answer – Water adds to the beauty of the countryside by when it trickles over the rocks as a stream of when it quenches the thirst of cattle as a wayside little pond.

4. What role do water tanks play in south Indian agriculture?

Answer – Water tanks play a vital role in agriculture. In Mysore, much of the rice is grown nearby water tanks.

5. Describe the formation of silt by river water?

Answer – Silt is formed when river water carries with it the earth of the catchment area. The finest particles remain floating in the liquid.

6. What are the successive steps in the process of soil erosion?

Answer – Successive steps in the process of soil erosion are the following.

  • Removal of a protective coat of vegetation,
  • The absence of any checks/problems,
  • The slopes of the earth,
  • Cutting up & washing away.

7. What are the various measures suggested to check soil erosion?

Answer – Various measures suggested to check (control) soil erosion are following.

  • Terracing of land,
  • Constructions of bunds,
  • The practice of contour cultivation.

Long question answers

8. Why does the writer compare water with elixir?

Answer – C.V. Raman compares water with elixir because whole ancient civilizations were nurtured by water. Water adds beauty to the countryside. Water is the basis of all life because without water survival is not possible on earth.

9. Why is water conservation is necessary for our country?

Answer – Water conservation is necessary for our country because of no life on earth possible without water. Without water no moisture, no agriculture, no kind of physiological activity without water.

10. Water is the basis of life. Elaborate with reference to humans, animals, and plants?

Answer – Every human needs water for doing a physiological activity like drinking, bathing, washing. The human body also contains a good amount of water.

  • The animal needs water for drinking. Without water aquatic animal can’t survive.
  • The plant needs water for their life & growth. Agriculture fully depends on water. Moisture in the soil is given by water.

11. What are the major use if water for the development of modern age?

Answer – Water is used for

  • Generating hydro-electricity,
  • Irrigating agriculture fields,
  • Developing waterways,
  • Maintaining the underground water level and so on.
  • It is used for maintaining human, animal, plant life.

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